Riley’s Rave Encounter

After Damon and Luce had left, she could finally focus on something other than the sounds of frantic mating out behind the warehouse.

She nodded to her pack, pressing her way into the writhing crowd in search of some distraction of her own. Her eyes skimmed over those she passed, assessing. She knew it was shallow, but she wasn’t looking for anything more than an evening’s entertainment, someone she could lose herself in for a while.

She let her senses guide her, slipping just slightly into the mindset she usually reserved for a hunt. The primal hunger and intensity of her wolf rose in her. At least if her eyes were glowing, most of the people she was pushing past were too high to realize it wasn’t their imagination.

There. Arms raised above her, her head thrown back as she danced, lost to the world, her corona of fiery hair absorbing the strobe of color from the DJ booth. She was hypnotically beautiful, her full hips swaying, the thin white fabric of her dress clinging to her shamelessly. Riley sucked in a breath as her body instantaneously responded, warmth flooding into the space between her thighs.

She brushed by, the redhead unaware of her, to taste the air of her exhalations. Pausing, she sifted through the flavors and information—she didn’t detect undue amounts of alcohol, or any indications of mind-altering drugs. Good. As quick and dirty as this was going to be, she had no intention of being someone’s regret.

She flowed back through the crowd towards her, her every movement carefully controlled, her eyes intent on her quarry. She circled slightly to approach the girl from the front, letting her body roll with the beat of the music as she neared, beginning a semblance of the girl’s dance.

Riley stopped in front of her, drinking in the spattering of freckles that played over the bridge of her nose, the soft coral of her parted lips. Riley reached forward to brush an errant lock of the girl’s hair back behind her ear.

Her eyes flew open, the iridescence of their blue startling. Riley suppressed a growl, smiling instead as she led with her tried and true line: “Hey.”

The coral lips curved upward, the shockingly blue eyes drawing down the length of her body before settling back on Riley’s own. “Hey,” she replied simply, reaching up to skim her thumb over Riley’s bottom lip.

Riley bit down lightly on its tip, her tongue flicking sensuously over the fingerprint. The girl moaned softly, the sound subtle enough to be lost by human ears behind the blaring music. Riley shifted her weight, the girl half-turning to allow Riley to step behind her. One of her hands gripped the girl’s hip, the other skimming lightly over her ribcage, tracing up the length of the arm that she stretched upward, her head tilting backward to let Riley see her face. The girl smiled deviously as she ground into Riley, her hips turning in an inviting circle.

Riley pressed her face into the back of her neck, breathing in the heady musk of pheromone-laced sweat. The girl let her head fall sideways, allowing Riley enough access to lick at the skin below her ear, tasting her particular essence. A shudder ran through the girl, another moan following on its heels.

She turned in the circle of Riley’s arms, pressing close as her hands ghosted over Riley’s waist, their lips nearly touching. “Why don’t we take this somewhere more private,” the girl murmured.

Riley bit her lip as she smiled down at her, leaning in to whisper against her neck, “Follow me.”

With their fingers locked securely together, Riley lead the way through the tightly-packed bodies, wending through the crowd. On one side of the cavernous space, two doors in a dark corner lead to the bathrooms. Riley pushed through into the women’s room, the light inside a muted glow from the single bulb hanging by its cord from the ceiling.

Riley turned to say something, but her words cut off as the redhead pounced, her lips urgent against Riley’s mouth. Riley moaned as she staggered backwards, leading them into the handicapped stall. Her fingers found the sliding lock as her tongue swept in to taste the heat of the girl’s mouth, those coral lips parting for her with a fevered sigh.

Riley’s hands landed on the outside of the girl’s legs, pulling her dress upward. She dragged her fingers back down, pulling the thin lace of her underwear away from her.

Riley sunk down, sitting on her heel. Backed up against the wall, the redhead panted and moaned as Riley’s breath washed over the space between her thighs, one of Riley’s thumbs reaching in to pull her open, the scent of her hitting Riley full-force. She closed her eyes to hide their glow as she leaned in.

She dragged her tongue through the eager wetness of her, hardening her stroke as she pulled over the girl’s clit. The answering moan from the girl above her was unholy, Riley looking up to see her head thrown backwards, her hair falling in a cascade behind her, her knuckles white as she gripped the metal bar set low into the wall. A growl on her lips, Riley licked at her again, prying her thighs further apart as she worked her shoulder in between them. She let her eyes slip shut as her tongue delved into the tight heat. She slid two of her fingers in beside her tongue, curling them towards herself to stroke at her interior walls.

The girl moaned and gasped and cried out as Riley continued to work. With satisfaction, she heard the bathroom door bang open, the stifled giggle as two girls stumbled in, listening to the sounds of pleasure echoing off the walls. The girl seemed not to notice them, her fingers sinking into Riley’s hair.

By the time they were once again alone the girl was approaching her orgasm, her hips twitching and flexing as Riley sucked at her clit, her fingers moving faster, her other hand roving up to squeeze at the girl’s breast.

The girl came undone with a breathless cry, clenching around Riley’s fingers. Riley rose to her feet, her hand still working, her lips breezing across the girl’s bared throat. The girl shivered, whining nervously as she neared the edge once more, but then she was coming again, Riley hooking her leg up around her own waist, grinding against her as she slid a hand into the girl’s hair, supporting her as she shook with the force of her release.

The girl gasped for air as she came down, her arms wrapping around Riley’s neck and her head falling forward. Gingerly, Riley removed her fingers, pressing a kiss into the fiery hair.

Once she was sure the girl was steady on her feet, she dropped down again to help the girl step back into her panties, pulling them up around her hips. She smoothed the thin fabric of her dress back down, her hands lingering over the curve of her ass.

Riley leaned in one more time to slide her lips over the girl’s own, her thumb brushing over her cheek.

Before she could open her eyes, Riley padded silently from the stall, slipping back out into the crowd.